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Invisible cyclists

I recently read an article about “invisible cyclists” in the Bicycle Network (a cyclist organisation) “In the Loop” newsletter.   The gist of the article was that a new survey by the Victoria Department of Justice has specific questions around cyclists wearing Hi-Vis clothing and an article in the Herald Sun (which I can’t find) suggesting that motor vehicles are having trouble with invisible cyclists sneaking up on them and causing accidents.

My immediate though – as a cyclist – it that I do surprise vehicles more frequently that I did 10 years ago but it’s not due to any change in my behavior it’s because drivers are more distracted with mobile phones and also drivers use their mirrors and indicators a lot less.

Cyclists will avoid coming along side a vehicle that has it’s indicator on and give the vehicle sufficient room to make turns.  If there is no sign that the driver is going to change lanes or turn then the cyclist cannot change their behavior to make themselves safe.

Insufficient use of indicators is absolutely rife in Melbourne at the moment.